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In the Village of the Dreaming Cloud is Yee Yoon, who offers a quest to find Zen Master Cloud; the reward for this quest and his others are two Holy Pills and two Mystical Pills.

The initial quest is, leading to Yee Yoon, is offered by the PWI Noticeboard, aka Billboard, found in major cities including the North District of Archosaur at 547 670.

All of these quests and NPCs, but not the village or ridge, were added by the Rising Call expansion in June, 2013

Zen Master Cloud wanders to different locations in the Ridge of the Dreaming Cloud, the area south of the Swamp of the Wraiths. After seeing Zen Master Cloud, the character must return to Yee Yoon (Understanding). The reward is two Holy Pills and two Mystical Pills

The next quests are riddles / Koans. Either other wrong answer, and the quest instantly fails, but can immediately be retaken.

  • I - It is your mind that truly moves.
  • II - A broken mirror never reflects again.
  • III - It is not possible to find a piece of meat that is not the best.

In the next quest, you have to speak with the two monkeys named 'Fearless Suno'. Talk to both and shout at them. By doing so you complete the quest. Then talk to Yee Yoon. Note that this continuation of the quest chain may not appear on the character's quest guide.