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Mister Tso in West Archosaur "sells" Wine that, when give to the Swordsman in BH dungeons, makes most of the monsters disappear, speeding up the progress to the boss significantly. Mobs needed for quests are usually affected, but not always. There is nothing stopping you killing them and then wining, if that still speeds things up. Another reason for keeping the mobs: the monsters may, in all the BH dungeons lower than Wraithgate (Valley of Disaster and below), drop Darkness Stamps for a Rank bonus at the Wraithunter next to the Commander in Chief in southwest Archosaur.

Catshops on the central platform in Archosaur commonly sell all the wines for 50,000 coins or so, each. The flat price makes even more significant, the loss of the Darkness Stamps and that wine is less needed for the lower level dungeons. It also makes high level wines a bargain by comparison. It seems likely that the flat price is either the result of flattened materials prices, and/or the availability of Wines as part of a Boutique pack.

  1. Firecrag Grotto, Den of Rabid Wolves, Cave of the Vicious (used to be FB 19, replaced by the Snowgrind Fox in Lightsail Cave) : Osmanthus Wine :: 10 Logs, 10 Pig Iron, 10 Sandstones, and 10 Coal Dust. This wine is given as part of a quest, but is required to complete the quest.
  2. Hall of Deception 29 and Firecrag Grotto (no BH) : Bamboo Wine x 1 : 2 Rough Lumber, 2 High-carbon Steel, 2 Gravel, and 2 Coal
  3. Gate of Delirium 39 : Daughter's Liqueur x2 (8 Rough Lumber, 8 High-carbon Steel, 8 Gravel, and 8 Coal)
  4. Secret Frostcover Grounds 51 : Fragrant x2 (8 Fine Lumber, 8 Refined Steel, 8 Rubstone, 8 Anthracite)
  5. Valley of Disaster 59 : Chiennan Spring x2 : 10 Fine Lumber, 10 Refined Steel, 10 Rubstone Powder, and 10 Anthracite each. An advantage to not using Wine on 59 is that the monsters may drop the highest level Rank bonus: Level 5 Darkness Stamp
  6. Wraithgate 69 : Ancientwell x2 : 10 High-grade Lumber, 10 Steel Alloy, 10 Corundum Powder, and 10 Charcoal each.
  7. Hallucinatory Trench 79 : Afterglow x2 : 15 High-grade Lumber, 15 Steel Alloy, 15 Corundum Powder, and 15 Charcoal each
  8. Eden or Brimstone Pit 89 : Tukang's Wine: 15 Lumber Essences, 15 High Alloy Steel, 15 Granite, and 15 Extruded Charcoal each.