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Wine : Chiennan Spring x2 : 10 Fine Lumber, 10 Refined Steel, 10 Rubstone Powder, and 10 Anthracite each. An advantage to not using Wine on 59 is that the monsters may drop the highest level Rank bonus: Level 5 Darkness Stamp

Usually completed after you've reached level 61, or you won't have collected all of the quests required inside.

Cragglord NPC that only spawns when the pet is captured, Valley of Disaster

There are five bosses, one of each of the Elements. Once the Guardian of each valley is killed, the player gets a message, "The Guardian of the Valley of <Element> is awakened", so players wishing to kill the bosses must kill the Guardians first, and those on kill tasks from a Divine Emissary, etc, can safely ignore them.

Gluttonix in the Earth valley

Zimo, a Metal boss in the form of a spider woman, is usually fought first. Then Ofotis, a hard-hitting melee boss, element Wood. Water is Qianji, Fire Raving Drake Brute, and the Earth boss Gluttonix is usually fought last. Characters doing the quests will then need to dig a token from a central pillar

These bosses are also the target of the Bounty Hunter quests for levels 61-70 and may be offered at 71-80 as well.

In addition to the boss quests and iron blood, there's a quest to dig for "tokens" inside the cave. You won't get this token quest until completing another quest outside, to kill level 59/60 mobs & collect drops.

The final Mystic pet Cragglord is obtained here; it spawns when a pillar near the fire entrance is dug

There is a Tusk Town quest to kill Gilded Princesses for fruit, and take it to Qinghua Bringer of Lightning inside the Valley of Disaster. After the level rearrangement, this quest does not show up until the mid 60s levels, long after most players are finished with the Valley.