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Tusk Town
Tusk Town.png
Tusk Town
Tusk Town Map.png
Location Information
Type Village
Level 54-60
Territory Black Mountain
Inhabitants Merchant Chiang
Weak Prisoner
Member of the Talon
Savage Native
Justice Envoy: Chang San
Banker Pei
Tailor Lu
Blacksmith Mo
Craftsman Meng
Merchant Yang
Teleport Master Chi
Priest of Tusk Town
Black Mountain Officer

Tusk Town is a small village in the Black Mountains with a wide spread of huts and NPCs.

Town Portal used anywhere in Black Mountain will transport the character to Tusk Town


Level 65

Tusk Town

  • Retribution
  • Sacrifices
  • Ex-Cons
  • Metal Essence
  • Savage Native Introductory quest. Rare to get one for a NPC in the same village
  • Winged Foxes
  • Cry of War
  • Requiem Lamp
  • The Saved One

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