Spiritual Cultivation

Spiritual Cultivation is a measure of how well you understand the world. With an increased cultivation level, new and more powerful skills are unlocked. Furthermore, Cultivation quests, as opposed to Side Quests or even Legend Quests, give more Spirit than they do XP, so they make it easier to pay for the skills.

Wizard Skill Tree.png
The old Wizard Skill Tree. Cultivation is required to advance to the next tier of abilities. On the new skill page, tiers are grouped explicitly rather than implicitly as here

Cultivation level is increased by completing specific quests, commonly known as Culti Quests, which culminate every ten levels starting at Level 9. When you are ready to advance to the next cultivation level, you will receive the Spiritual Cultivation Guide quest, which will direct you to the NPC who will provide the final challenge. There is an animation upon reaching each level; immediately before it is a choice between Physical and Magical Attack Charms. The game stores the appearance of the character at intervals of an hour or more, so the animation may actually show an Armored character rather than a Fashionable, or a different change of clothes than the one currently being worn.

  • Spiritual Initiate
  • Spiritual Adept
  • Aware of Principle
  • Aware of Harmony
  • Aware of Discord
  • Aware of Coalescence
  • Transcendent
  • Aware of Vacuity
  • Aware of the Void
  • Master of Discord

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