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Sarrokan the Dragon-Touched in Primal World

Characters level 100 or higher are eligible to begin the "Rebirth" (RB) or Reawakening process, which repays a great deal of effort (the entire process of leveling, all over again, with four times the XP for kills and quests, to gain additional Attribute points. The quadruple XP continues up to level 100 of the second reincarnation. Rebirth the second time (third incarnation) gets less XP; reportedly 1.9x; again, only up to level 100. This is of some strategic importance, since the Demon Book/Ancient Tome can add stats to the first incarnation as early as level 100 of the second incarnation.

  1. First Incarnation level 1; xp normal -> Level 100; xp normal -> Level 105
  2. Reawakening, Second Incarnation level 1; XP 4x -> Level 100; xp normal; Demon Book available, at 1x XP transfer -> Level 105
  3. 2nd Reawakening, Third Incarnation level 1; Demon Book available?; XP 1.9x -> Level 100; xp normal; Demon Book available, at 1x XP transfer -> Level 105

In this way, it seems (unless the Demon Book is available at level 1 in the Third Incarnation) enhanced XP and the opportunity to place XP into the Demon Book for another incarnation are never available at the same time; all XP applied to other incarnations, and all XP applied to characters of any incarnation that are level 100 or above, is always at the normal 1x rate.

Realm of Reflection gives XP as normal, with no bonuses, as does the daily "Check In" quest.

XP items give bonus XP, eg Fantasy Fruit after the first Awakening give 20,000 XP instead of 5,000. "Scroll X" quest books give quadruple xp, but possibly not all such books.

All learned skills remain, can be used, and remain at the highest level learned. This actually creates a difficulty, as the mana costs remain high also, and the Rebirthed character has the same mana pool as a normal Lv 1, other than Accessories or other bonuses.

In the first incarnation at regular XP rates there is more XP from quests than a character can gain without leveling past the level caps on quests. Only players that failed to stack their quests efficiently will know how much more difficult it is to level with kill XP alone, and only they, and players that planned ahead that way, will see quest xp this time around. Quests can only be done once, outside of the obvious repeatable ones. In other words, when a character Rebirths, they can only do the quests they left undone the first time. Quests the character was eligible for and had not completed at the time of Rebirth are retained, and become available at their earliest level.

Players seeking efficient use of XP resources and that are not otherwise indisposed to the Rebirth process may wish to begin it as soon as it becomes available. There are a great deal of experience-gaining resources at and after 100, that narrow the gap between Rebirthed 4x XP and normal XP; however, this and other factors are canceled out in the long run, e.g. lower xp at low Rebirth levels will happen eventually anyway, higher xp gain at 104 and 105 will happen after the second rebirth. Therefore the only valid contrast is the four times higher XP given to Rebirthed characters.

The choice of when to begin the Rebirth process is not irreversible, in that points that could have been gained by rebirthing at a higher level can be gained after Rebirth, with the Ancient Tome. Additionally, the amount of XP needed to gain additional stats by reawakening and to return to endgame is, by far, less than that needed by continuing to level normally. Not only is the XP after rebirth multiplied by four, and by 3.5 after the second rebirth, but the XP curve is so high after 100 that it is less XP in total (when divided by four), to go up the 100 levels.

  • 101-105 gains 20 attribute points. 101-102 alone requires 66,954,000 XP, for 13,390,800 XP/point. Other levels are even higher.
  • 1-100 a second time gains the original + 20 attribute points. Because XP is x4 after rebirth, although it requires 303,626,185 XP, we must divide this by four to get 15,181,309. This gives a XP/point ratio of 3,795,327.
  • 3.5x xp after the 2nd rebirth is 4,337,516 XP/point for level 1-100 the third time, still below the 101-105 ratio.
  • The Book Demon process with the Ancient Tome complicates things a little. The conversion rate for XP, if it is not a straight 1:1 ratio, is not clear from the available literature.

The path of least resistance in leveling a character from scratch, while preparing for Rebirth is to gain xp whereever possible from sources such as Daily Quests, Bounty Hunter, Phoenix Valley, Twilight Temple, etc, begin Rebirth at 100, up with the remaining quests in the second incarnation, again leaving any if there is excess, again using the dailies and alternate sources, get to 100 again with the 80+ dailies, and begin the third, harder, incarnation again, as soon as possible. The character will be much much stronger the second and third incarnation, mostly due to War Avatars, Meridian, equipped Accessories and maximum level Potions, but also with the bonus points. Leveling is faster later, so get there quickly. Not going to lie, the second incarnation is tougher after level 65 or so, without quests, and the third incarnation before that. But well worth it.


See Leveling
303,626,185 to level 100
which is 75,906,547 XP at 4x, during the second incarnation, and 151,813,093 in the third and last

The character begins the leveling process again, starting at level 1 for first time Rebirthers. Your Attribute points are reset to their initial levels, but you have access to more attribute points later, than you would normally have had at that same high level. Being RB also enables special quests accessible in no other way, some of which access special materials and War Avatar cards.

Four times and 3.5x XP is available after Rebirth, from quests and monster kills, XP items, Bounty Hunter, etc.

Most XP items can be used to quickly level rebirthed characters, including the ones from Lucidsilver Envoy and quest Scrolls, but there are some that cannot be used, such as the ones gained from redeeming Dungeon Gear drops from Quicksand Maze

Only players that did not stack their quests efficiently will know how much more difficult it is to level with kill XP alone, and only they will see quest xp this time around, except for Daily Quests, the bulk of which begin at level 80. Quests can only be done once, outside of the obvious repeatable ones. In other words, when a character Rebirths, they would only be able to do the quests they missed the first time.

Just because multiple dailies begin at level 80 does not mean that all the quests from then on should be used up on the first incarnation. All leveling at 100 or higher is always at normal xp, with no bonuses, in all three incarnations.

All characters will probably be able to one-shot creatures early on. Melee characters will not be able to use skills; MP costs are simply too high and their supply too low, although potion level being unlimited aids with this somewhat. Arcane characters will not be able to get a full level without resting, but they can melee things too, to finish up the level. About level 10 or so, depending on character class, mages will see the MP supply begin to ease up.

Level Restrictions

Armor and weapons do not have a level requirement for Rebirthed characters. Their Attribute (Strength, Dexterity, Magic, etc) requirements remain. High Attribute Chest, Leg, Arm and Foot armor do not count as equipped, for the purposes of their armor bonus, at the new low Attribute level. They remain equipped on the character's Normal gear tab, and are displayed in game when the Normal tab's gear is selected by the Normal Appearance Switch, but are shown in red in the popup infobox when the cursor mouses over them. Helmets and Capes often, and Necklaces, Belts and Rings more often, have only a level requirement; these retain their bonuses and are displayed as normal.

Meridian will have no level restrictions, at least up to level 100. New Meridians become available, presumably for each level of the Arcane Sky and other Skies.

All Skills remain, but new skills can only be learned at the stated level; level restrictions on Skill Books remain for the second incarnation.

Players must weigh the benefits of early leveling of equipment stats with the benefits of additional Damage-dealing stats. E.g., Assassin characters may increase Strength up to the max and wear level 105 weapons, but at the expense of the additional Damage dealt by Dexterity. Skills such as Mystic's Thicket(12 times weapon damage) benefit from the weapon strategy.

High level [Genie]]s remain equipped and usable. XP can still be added to them.

Potions of any level can be used. This is true for most if not all Apothecary items and other healing items and charms as well. Items that activate quests to get potions (Lucky Box etc) must be equal to or less than the character level, because the character has to be able to receive the quest.

Some or all Riding Mounts with level 20 and such requirements can still be used.

Meridian bonuses remain, and new levels can even be gained, if the character was eligible for them before Rebirth.

Pets will level much slower than the owner, and much higher level pets can be used, so Venomancers are advised to have multiple pet eggs ready; this time, there is a high or even maximum level pet egg waiting already made at the end of the line, so a full investment of time for a pet of maximum potential would seem to be counterindicated. This opens up as more viable, a previously poor option; the Venomancer as it was doubtless intended by the developers, but which did not survive the metagame: Taming pets as they become available, and then discarding them as new ones appear. Three pets, with a reasonable gradation, are highly recommended: Glacial Walker; Armored Bear, and the Venomancer's original high level pet, which should be usable around about or before level 60. Leveling with only kills helps a little with the difference in xp; it will level the pet all the time, where quest XP leveled the character but was never given to the pet.

Attribute points from equipped Tomes are retained.

War Avatars of any level remain equipped even at level 1 Reawakened characters.

Light Emperor Alexander will give a Star Chart to rebirthed characters once they reach Arcane Sky I. Alexander's War Avatar image

  • General Summer in Archosaur (521, 629). Purple quest ‘New Horizons – Summer Reawakened’.
  • Primal Messenger in North Archosaur (564, 675). Choose the first option on the list.
  • Messenger of Time on the platform above the middle of Archosaur (552, 654).
  • Worldspire in the City of a Thousand Streams (123, 856) up to a height of 46. A popup nessage should appear when the character is on the platform.
  • Archosaur Student in North Archosaur (564, 673). Gives the Stone of Love: Restoration for first Rebirth. Stone of Love·Recreation for Second Rebirth can be crafted from 6 Primordial Blood and Adv. Arcane Sky Page, or may be obtainable other ways
  • Messenger of Time on the platform above the middle of Archosaur (552, 654).
  • Messenger of Time on the platform above the middle of Archosaur (552, 654) a second time to enter the Primal World. Select ‘Door to the Primal World’.

Once characters have attained Arcane Sky I, they become eligible for the Star Chart system, and for obtaining a Star Chart from Light Emperor Alexander

Roll Call continues, but if under 31, cannot add shards to get out of inventory

Primal World

Flowsilver Palace is only available to rebirthed characters (it requires Arcane Sky I, as is the Primal World proper (Astral Domain was a starting area before the New Horizons expansion, in the style of Primal World and was considered part of it in the stoaryline. Celestial Vale is very similar in style to Primal World)

The Necessary Strength quest at level 50 gives you 10 Primordial Blood, which the character may need for pages, and an item to make a level 100 book, which they most certainly do not yet need. Players that have been collecting Primordial Blood from Check In may prefer to skip this until later.

Be very careful with the combined skills. The description reads as though you get a third skill but in fact the two skills are subsumed into a third. If the casting time is increased, or the mana cost, or the recast time, you may find the new skill inferior to the old one or ones.

Undercurrent Hall is an instance that awards a significantly higher number of Bloods (for crafting skills) than other means.

Skies: Arcane, Mirage, Astral

Allows Primal Skills. The passive skills are called Boundary skills. The others are tied to a specific class, and often combine two skills into one; there is no access to the original skills after the combination, so be very cautious with this and preferably ask advice.

Primal Skills

Requires Primordial Blood, available from Check In quest and others, and levels in Arcane Sky.

Simply begin leveling the skill as normal, on the skills page where all your other skills are. The required items must be in inventory, as for books. These skills are further upgraded at a shrine in Primal.

  • Arcane Sky: First level after Rebirth
  • Mirage Sky: Second level
  • Astral Sky: third

Boundary Skills

A very simple leveling formula is to increase the three skills equally, for 30 primordial bloods every three Arcane Sky etc levels. Whether or not this is optimal is unproven <confirm or deny>

  • Endless Breeze : increased skill damage (2 primordial bloods, usable very early on, at Arcane Sky I. Then IV, VII, X. Mirage Sky III, VI, IX. Astral Sky II, V, VIII.)
  • Absolute Virtue : increase physical and magic defense (20 primordial bloods. Even if you have Vitae saved up from the daily Check In quest, it will still take days to get this, because of the 10-per-day limit on Vitae. Arcane Sky II, V, VIII. Mirage Sky I, IV, VII, X. Astral Sky III, VI, IX.)
  • Cascaded Thunder : increase crit % (8 primordial bloods. Arcane Sky III, VI, IX. Mirage Sky II, V, VIII. Astral Sky I, IV, VII, X.)

Second Rebirth

After the first rebirth, the Ancient Tome is available, into which XP can be stored for the second and final rebirth. The Ancient Tome can also apply XP to previous incarnations, so you never lose out on being able to increase your stats. On the contrary, the only thing you can lose out on is acquiring additional attributes more NOT rebirthing at 100. Just as it takes longer to level from 51 to 52 than level 1 to level 2, it can take more time to gain 25 stat points from going to level 100 to 105 than it does to go from 1-100 a second time.

A character can only rebirth the first and second time. Otherwise the best strategy would be to get the easier 25 points from rebirthing at 100, over and over.

Ancient Tome

Also called Demon Tome, Demon Book, Book Demon, etc

  • To be found on the character page, where stats are increased. The Tome is, essentially, a toggle: on reduces current XP to zero, and applies that to previous incarnations. Off returns XP to normal. The toggle button label describes, albeit somewhat misleadingly, what the button will do if pushed, not the current state of the book, so a wakened book demon will have the button "Sleeping" displayed[1]

There are two strategies that seem most obvious. As made most evident in Real Time Strategy strategy games, but applicable here, they amount to Boom and Rush. Boom seeks to maximize the resources that lead to later gain. Rush attempts to maximize a power advantage sooner.

Boom, in this case, is seeking to maximize XP gain by leveling up as high as possible. Higher level characters get more XP from their dailies; Check In, Crazy Stone, the Faction Base quests; they all give XP based on level.

Rush rushed ahead to Rebirth at 100, goes to Rebirth a second time at 100, and obtains power by using the Ancient Tome to obtain extra points in prior incarnations: 101 at first incarnation, then 101 at second, then 101 again, before going back to the first incarnation to get 102, and so on. Gaining the cheapest levels fastest would get 5 points of stats each time, fastest.


Venomancers have much to think about, to prepare for Rebirth. Naturally, this is all due to their pets. Awakened characters level even more quickly than first-incarnation ones, and this makes for a gap between pet level and character level which must be dealt with. Venomancers will find they can do without the pets entirely in early levels, being able to one-shot creatures, even ones that are orange or dark orange, with Lucky Scarab and Ironwood Scarab, if not Venomous Scarab. Venomancers that prepare pets beforehand can benefit from a very fortunate game mechanic, where the pet can be 37-39 levels higher than the Venomancer. Pet level - 35 - (2 * # of reincarnations) = Character level.[2]


  • Stat-raising items; for example Eye of the Jungle, Blood Spirit Necklace, Tomes and others, are particularly useful to Rebirthed characters, since equipment is no longer tied to character level. The rare "Requirement -15%" add-on for Crafted gear never worked because level requirements were unaffected, but here it would allow, say, level 60 ☆☆☆Winged Dragon Scaleplate to be worn with around 130 strength instead of 152, where the level 50 [ ☆☆☆War Vest of Aries] would normally be available, with 60 less magic and 140 less physical resistance.