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A version of the final boss

A randomized dungeon, east of Cromagnon Village, introduced by the Eclipse expansion. Mounts can be ridden inside it. It is accessed by accepting an Immolation Order quest to rid the Maze of demons. The NPC implies that six members are required before access is granted, but only two are needed.

The quest can be obtained from the Order Chief in Morai and paying 20 Influence. The quest can only be taken once per day, but two tokens are received, each one allowing entrance to the Maze one time. The entrance is between the Land of Buried Bones and Sandstorm Valley on the map. To get there, take the Teleport Master to City of the Plume, teleport West to Dreaming Stronghold, and then fly over the cliffs west. After a cluster of rock spikes, keep a sharp eye out for numerous cauldron crafting objects, roaming guards, and the entrance to Quicksand Maze.

Quicksand Maze is also the only way to get enough of the higher level Dungeon Gear items to get more than one piece of level 85 armor, or any of the weapons; there are only five quests that give them, and the armor pieces cost three each, and the weapons cost twelve.

Entrance in Land of Buried Bones

There is a Fog of War type blackness over the dungeon's map when first entered, with passages being revealed on each player's map as they progress.

Bosses (captains) within the dungeon have randomized special abilities, including being immune to damage types (even physical damage!). There are area of effect 'whirlpool' animations with different effects (blue=water=stun, red=fire=damage purple=capable of killing players instantly), and some captains must be attacked at those pools. Some bosses can be killed instantly by using singular class skills on them; a written message displays, and the required skill must be used within one second, after which another skill is displayed.

The final boss, Lord of the Labyrinth, is capable of changing immunities in battle, and quickly

Quicksand Maze - PWI Eclipse