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Sheep Shop; like all shops not in the shape of cats, they are bought from the Boutique, or other players

Guide to the catshop database translated into English

In PWI you can set up a Consignment Shop or Cat Shop, to buy and sell items.

Cat shops are the default; Snakes, Bulls, Mermaids, Cigarette Lighters and many other shapes can be bought from the Boutique. There are promotions from time to time that give away shops, and the chest icon on the main screen has a shop available once characters reach 100, but the Boutique list is the primary source. Players can sell them, also.

Setting up a Dual Logged account to sell things takes a lot of the sting out of what would otherwise be retiring your character for the duration of the shop. Sure, you are retiring the catshop character, but at least you have something to do.

There are two ways to make extra money through these shops.

  1. You can set up your own and sell things to other players at prices you determine. You probably won't get too much business if you over price, or if you under price you will sell well but you don't get as much money.
  2. You can sell items to these shops the same way you sell to vendors and you will probably make more money this way; you also help the person by giving them something they need or can resell. You can use your economic power to sell to vendors instead, if the catshops are not offering enough money. No items, no profit. They will get the message, eventually.

You can also use them to get items.

  1. You can buy them from other player's shops. E.g. high level players have great economic power, as do people who use RL $ to buy packs. Assuming they can get these items easier than you, then your relative advantage is getting coin from monster kills and it is to your advantage to buy.
  2. You can set up a shop to buy more of an item of which you already have one or more. Items for Crafting are a perfect example of this; players accumulate Resources and other crafting items randomly; neither in the quantity nor the timing they need to use them, so the Catshop that buys them is a valuable service to them.

Consignment Shop

Although some called the Cat- and other-shaped player shops Consignment Shops already, PW brought out a direct-sale menu-driven system called Consignment Shop. NPCs that look similar to Bankers are one way to access this, but it can also be done through the User Interface