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An instanced dungeon that can be entered once per day (reset at midnight, server time), by players 30-105. Khoan the Survivor is the NPC to talk to.

The instance is empty by default; R.O.C., one of the Earth Elementals inside, will populate it once the option named after the quest (Phoenix Valley <level range>) is chosen

After about five to ten seconds, a scroll icon will appear on the right hand side of the screen, similarly to the Realm of Reflection icon. The resulting popup screen gives an option to teleport to any major city, and both East and West sides of Archosaur; this can serve as a shortcut, without teleport fees. This is similar to, and a complement to, the Cube of Fate teleporters in the major cities (other than Archosaur, whose CoF teleporters can only be used to travel to the east side of Archosaur). The teleport destination is always to a place very near Khoan the Survivor's location. Neatniks take note: the icon will not return if the popup screen is closed, and the second earth elemental, Haphwestus, must be used to exit, without all the options of destinations, returning the character to East Archosaur. This default destination is also used in the event of disconnection or logging out in PV.

A Phoenix Valley Token: X (eg, Earthbane) is added to inventory to allow entry into the Valley. It lasts for fifteen minutes real time, whether the character is online or not; as long as the character holds a PV Token, they can enter the valley from any one of the Khoan NPCs.

Phoenix Valley follows neither the 0-9 level scheme of Faction quests, nor the 1-10 scheme of Crazy Stone etc. Separate instances for level ranges of first fifteen levels: 30-44, 45-59, 60-74, and then ten levels: 75-84, 85-94, and finally eleven levels, from 95-105. It is an XP dungeon, with no loot. The dungeon has the Firecrag Grotto or Cave of the Vicious layout from the Human and Elf Call to Duty: Xenobeast (FB19) quests, except some passages are blocked off by impassable doors.

Khoan the Survivor is always within visual range of the normal city Teleport Masters

In Archosaur, however, he is by the Crazy Stone NPCs, and the Elder

  • 571 646 in East Archosaur, near the Elder
  • 531 642 in West Archosaur, next to Hou Jehnsi and Tu Jo'

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