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This island directly east of Archosaur is the target of less than a handful of minor quests. It offers opportunities for leveling Venomancer pets on the small unnamed island to the northeast, populated by spiders.

The spider island is also something of a honeymoon spot, as the Giantfang Spiders that can be summoned there are the target of a quest offered to married character couples by the Matchmaker Servant: Tessa's Problem

Spider Island

696 689 is roughly the center of the island, and the best place to stand to pull; a large number of the spawns can be reached without moving more than a few feet from there

This place is well situated, next to Nameless Isle. For the spiders populating it, are, like the flying worms west of the City of Raging Tides, and the enemies in City Attacks, lacking a level indicator. Only a question mark in brackets: [?] is before their name, Lesser Spider. They each have 20,000 HP, and always give the maximum XP to the pet of 15

Lesser Spider will occasionally cry out for help, Help me, my sovereign! Someone is attacking me. This summons a much tougher spider, a Giantfang Spider, with 80,000 HP. It is quite likely that this will happen multiple times in a row of pulls; it is possible for one Giantfang to spawn before the corpse of another has disappeared, and perhaps possible for two to be alive at the same time.

The most efficient solution is to unsummon the pet immediately before it finishes off the Lesser Spider target. It will deliver its final blow to the Lesser Spider, and then vanish before it can switch to the Giantfang Spider. Because the pet has only gotten proximity aggro and social aggro from seeing its fellow spider attacked, it will not acquire the Venomancer as a target, instead literally and figuratively expiring after a few seconds. If the unsummon is too early, simply finish off the Lesser Spider with spells. If the unsummon is too late, the Venomancer must take to the air, and quickly, as the Giantfang Spider has very punishing spell damage. The island is too small to make running away a very reliable option, if the will even give up pursuit like other monsters. The Giantfang Spider will indicate that it is attacking by saying, Who's there? Do you seek death?

This is one of three major locations for leveling Venomancer pets, the most popular being the fourth room of the Cube of Fate, and the third being the flying-pet leveling spot on Barrier Island mentioned above.