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Hall of Deception
Location Information
Type Dungeon (Instanced)
Level 29-34
Territory Shining Tidewood
Location Secret Passage

The Hall of Deception is a small sized instance. The iron tablet will reward 6000XP after killing the boss. Before you can enter the Hall of Deception you have to travel through the Secret Passage.

If you are here for the Celestial Painting for the Statues quest, you will not be able to dig it before the party of three tough Skelezans (mummified skeleton types) wanders down the ramp and attacks.


And now a dungeon map with info for a run.

Fu Ben 29 Strategy

It's very easy to die in this dungeon, so be careful.  In the first hallway, the one with the painting, there are a trio of patrolling ranged-physical mobs.  Use a veno to lure them one at at time or stack heals on the tank.  At the entrance to the first Wipe Danger room, another trio of mobs awaits: a lantern, which explodes upon death, a melee-attack ghoul, and a cryptflame with a long-range physical attack.  Beware, venos: the cryptflames cannot be lured.

Ahead, in front of the hallway leading to the mini-boss room, is another group of mobs, same as before.  Exercise caution when entering the mini-boss room: mobs flank both sides of the entrance.  I suggest using a veno to lure then one by one.  Use F9 to zoom in through the wall and select the mob.  The Towerling in the back of the room uses only ranged attacks, so ranged classes can kill it without being hit.  Killing the Towerling mini-boss opens the door to Qingzi's room.

The hallway leading to the boss room contains three trios of mobs: one ghoul, two cryptflames.  Careful when you round the corner since the last group guards the doorway.  The boss room is full of non-elite Skelevizen Lieutenants such as might be found in Secret Passage.  Eliminate them any way you please.

The boss of this dungeon, Qingzi, is not easy.  An arcane veno with magmite cannot solo him until level 53.  He has a ranged-physical attack, and I've heard that a wizard with earth shield can tank, but I've never tried it.  A competent tank and cleric (both 40 or 50+) should be fine.  Don't forget to tab.

NOTE: There is a way to veno-lure Qingzi through the door without having to kill Towerling.  This method is of questionable legality, so use it at your own risk.