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Carp Ashura in Archosaur harbor, same model as the Goshiki Quest Chain boss Lochmur Guardian Beast for Chrono Core quest

Teleporting from anywhere in Emerald Dragon Gulf will transport the character to The Village of Naught in Fragrant Hills

Dragon City Steam and Sail Ship

An extravagant ram beak

Moored in the bay east of Archosaur, this ship offers transport to far-off cities by means of teleportation. Location 635 650

Four shining braziers at the prow of the ship (the extreme front) act as teleporters back to Archosaur (North District), to City of Raging Tides, Thousand Streams, and Dreamweaver Port. There are no corresponding teleporters in those places, with which to return, although Archosaur can of course be reached from any of them via the Khatru Pup and Cube of Fate exit (or Mira Laedi in Thousand Streams). Players must float over the braziers at elevation 23, or hop on to them, or drop down onto them, to be teleported.

Smokestacks, living quarters, and a mysterious portal. Or possibly a weapon?

Added in the patch of July 2013, this mysterious sail ship with flaming burner smokestacks in the rear is identified only by the Dragon City Marine guards on its decks. Ancient Dragon City was the original name of Archosaur.

Some nautical terms:

  • Bow-from Swedish "bog", meaning "shoulders". Part of the ship where it narrows from the middecks to the Prow in the extreme front of the ship. More commonly used to distinguish the front of the ship from the Stern, the back.
  • Starboard-to the right when facing the bow of the ship. Port, to the left


  • Marshal's Deputy +5 Magic Attack. Stand on the Dragon City Steam and Sail Ship, far east of Arch 626 659 , during Nation Wars, and for 20 minutes before and ten after : 20:00 - 22:30 server time, Friday or Sunday.
  • A Dragon City Marine has information on the location of The Dream-Seekers; part 3 of the level 78 Legend quest

Foredeck, bow, and the four brazier teleports in the slightly raised fo'csle (forecastle) at the prow

Nameless Isle

Location of a single Legend quest, to aid a researcher of the native Serpent creatures

to level 

Spider Island

A place to level Venomancer Pets. Not the best but usable, for instance, if the daily entrance to the Cube of Fate has been used up.