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'Depart' quest mob north of Sundown Town

"Town of Arrivals" links here. The quest of the same name is at Town of Arrivals (quest).

An airy and spacious plateau high in the clouds, spread out, with little fear of aggroing things by mistake-an example of the opposite of this, a crowded place, would be King's Feast and south of King's Feast. Of course, all this space makes the time spent getting from one monster kill to another more of an issue. Take your time and breathe in the fresh air

Teleporting from anywhere in the Dragon Wilderness area, including the sliver of it just northwest of the Lost City north gate, will transport the character to Town of Arrivals

Dragon Wilderness.jpg

There are five tough bosses here, one for Cultivation, the other four for quests

Jewelscalen War Avatar Card

  • Gouf, Aerox Chief, the middle of the three Level 47 Cultivation bosses. Gouf is also needed for a regular quest, the end of a new one that begins with East and Depart. Melee-only, and susceptible to the bug for such
  • Jewelscalen, Metal dragon with its two smaller Paco dragons in tow
  • Viriddis Stormhorn, another Aerox boss. Not melee-only, but still vulnerable to the same bug as Gouf
  • East and Depart, two melee-only humans north of Sundown Town

The quests here can all be acquired by level 50 except for one at level 60

Dragon Wilderness extends far, far to the east. It intersects with two other zones at 248 704 , just north of Jolly Old Jones : Dragon's Breath Valley and Valley of the Scarred

Sundown Town

The Territory Wars NPC is here

Town of Arrivals

The Town of arrivals waypoint on the Coordinates Assistant is way off to the northeast of the actual town. Try the Teleport Master or some other NPC, unless you are in the same zone as Sundown Town, of course.

Teleporting from anywhere in the Skull Mountain area will transport the character to Town of Arrivals