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Dragon Points
Quest Information
Type Normal
Start Jolly Old Jones
Inn of the Eagle
End Jolly Old Jones
Level 1
Location Inn of the Eagle
Rewards 150 Dragon Points

Dragon Points were a form of money, but are only created by the Dragon Points quest to redeem for special items. They were an addition to the Dragon Quest system. The Dragon Points system was removed from game; DQ items have returned to near worthlessness, other than of course their use in the Increase Safe Slots quest.

It is claimed that the entire system was disabled by Arc with a single simple set of commands, and that the DQ page, still fully functional, can be accessed by disabling this : global_redirect.js

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Collect 100,000 coins, then return to Jolly Old Jones.


Tired of grinding? Bring me 100,000 coins and I will reward you with 150 Dragon Points! You can redeem these points on our website and exchange them for various gifts!

Note: These points will appear in your Dragon Point account after 1 hour.



The Dragon Points system was added to make up for the lowering of the prices that NPC merchants would pay for DQ items. Points are recorded for each DQ item sold; points can be redeemed for Rewards.

Player consensus seems to be that Demon/Sage Event Cards have a distinct advantage over other rewards in that they give access to Event Boutique items that would otherwise cost Real Life money: Dragon quest point exchange question.-forums

Jolly Old Jones' offer is much more expensive than buying from players, given DQ 91 items worth 30 Dragon Points selling at 9,000 coin, to say nothing of the return on the sale of the items; NPC merchants will pay 2,680 coins for the DQ 81 items, and 3,160 for DQ 91.

The 'ultimate' prize, a 10.0 run speed Golden Steed mount, is worth 150,000 points; 3,000 times as much as the 'smallest' prize, a Perfect Stone, at 50 points. At current Perfect Stone prices of 1,500 gold, that makes the Golden Steed quite golden indeed, at 4 million, 500 thousand gold. By contrast, a Windsprint Panther at nine runspeed goes for two and a half million.