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City of the Lost
City of the Lost.jpg
Location Information
Type City
Level 1-19

City of the Lost is the home city of the Untamed. It is in western Perfect World, and surrounded by desert-like terrain; arid ground and rock cliffs, with high outcrops of rock sculpted by the wind and sand.

A character using Town Portal or Teleport Incense in Desert of Echoes teleports to Broken Bridge Village, not City of the Lost

Trainers and NPCs such as the Perfect Questmaster and Lucidsilver Agent are on the same dais as the Elder of Lost City, while the Merchant, Banker, and tradeskill NPCs are all quite close together, a moderate distance from the Elder.

The path from City of the Lost to Archosaur is as easy as from any of the main cities; once the first ridge is crossed, there are few terrain obstacles. The one obstacle of note is quite a few aggressive level 20-30 monsters near the small town east of Lost City, just west of where the Phoenix River is marked on the main map.