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This is about the charms to augment player attack and defense; for the genie charms, see Genie

Attack charms are received in some quests, especially early ones, but otherwise are entirely a player-created item, as with other items of the same craft type, Apothecary

Attack charms, whether for magical or physical attacks, are equipped on the right hand side of the paper doll, and are consumed automatically after a number of attacks are made.

Defence charms, whether against magical or physical attacks, must be activated by the player, just as potions are. They defend against only one attack, but each use lasts forever until it protects against an attack, even if the character logs out. Def charms add considerably more defense than the attack charms add to attack. This game mechanic lends itself, of course, to use against bosses that hit exceptionally hard (for their level), but hit with this attack less often, such as Chin. Damage over Time effects are not protected against by defense charms, and the charm 'charge' will not be used up by these attacks.

The crafting of charms does not advance players towards a higher level of Apothecary skill; they do not advance the skill level percentage status bar, and do not count towards the items crafted requirement.